A week ago we shared with you a post highlighting the work of Village Eulogia, a ministry for families with children with disabilities. Cynthia Tam, President of Village Eulogia also serves as the National Coordinator for Disability Ministry through the Christian and Missionary Alliance. You can learn more about her work here. Cynthia coordinated a webinar recently on Proactive Behaviour Management Strategies. Today we are pleased to present you with the full content of that webinar.

Behaviour Management WebinarExperiencing belonging in a church community is about so much more than managing behaviour. Whether as part of a disability ministry, Sunday School, or weekly service, churches often need to check their expectations about what is “acceptable.” We can learn to welcome the diverse interactions that result from welcoming all of God’s children. This may mean that times together are louder and more interactive than expected. At the same time, we want to provide those around us with the best opportunity to flourish. Sometimes this means being proactive in helping people to control their own behaviour. That’s what this webinar is about!

Webinar Description:

Understanding functions of behaviour is an important first step for proactive behavior management. This workshop will help you understand what behaviour communicates and how to support children and youth with disabilities by creating a safe and loving environment that will help them participate in church programs.

Cindy KwanSpeakers: Cindy Kwan

Cindy is a special education teacher who has extensive experience with the population of autism. She is a well regarded specialist/consultant on behaviour management. Cindy is familiar with two most commonly used behaviour management programs, and is a trainer of non-violent crisis intervention with the Crisis Prevention Institute – a standard prevention technique for health care a
nd education.

To view the webinar, click here or watch the video below.