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A Faith Dilemma: Cornered in the Rain

A friend's encounter at the Toronto waterfront reveals the delicate balance between well-intentioned gestures and genuine understanding. Amidst rain and misunderstanding, a neighbor's misguided attempt at prayer leaves scars of isolation. Yet, within this narrative lies a profound reminder: true empathy transcends disability, calling us to authentically connect with others, reflecting the boundless compassion of a higher understanding.

A Faith Dilemma: Swooping in by the Lake

In a poignant encounter at the Toronto waterfront, Christina Minaki reflects on the complexities of faith, compassion, and disability. Amidst prayers for healing, she grapples with the misconception of disability as infirmity and challenges the narrow definition of divine intervention. Join her journey as she advocates for a broader understanding of God's healing and embraces the profound purpose within disability.

Illness, Christmas, and God With Us

Despite all this, I am joyful. I’m going into the Christmas season knowing I may not have the energy to go sledding or light touring with my nephews; I may have to limit my rounds to people I care about. Yet, I know God is here with me. Christmas is about God incarnate, so despite what I may or may not get to do this year, I marvel that HE came for me.

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My life as a follower of Christ helps me in my work at Christian Horizons. My work at Christian Horizons helps me in my life as a follower of Christ. I think the confidence and miracles that Peter demonstrate in the first bit of Acts is because he knew who he was following; he knew from whom his confidence came. And I think we focus a lot on leadership and not enough on followership.

The Ones We Really Need

It might sound cliché, but I was hired to help others and they helped me just as much, perhaps even more. I learned about acceptance, trust, diversity, and what it meant to have a place to belong. Looking back, I realize God was beginning to teach me about 1 Corinthians 12 and what it means to be whole.

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