In this guest post we welcome June to describe her work in her own words below. You can find her videos on her YouTube channel.

An abstract painting contains a rainbow of colours.  Bright yellow streams down from the top left corner. Dark blue rises up from the bottom.  It looks like the paint was applied with fingers.


You can call me Junes…

I’m Autistic and Catholic! I want to share my faith and village with you! I call Autism my village!

I think that Autism is a great Blessing and I want to share its beauties with you! Here you could see how I live out my faith as an Autistic girl!

Painting is a sensory activity, and a form of communication for me! Here, you’ll see many of my paintings!

An abstract painting containing white, cream, and shades of blue.  The colours swirl like water.

I might not always be able to join your world, but here I’m opening the door for you to come in and join my world! So, come on in! Enjoy your visit! Enjoy the beauties of God’s creation within my village!

If you’re a prayerful person, please pray that I get guidance from the Holy Spirit to make these videos…

An abstract painting that is mostly white and blue with some spots of yellow near the top.  It looks stippled and splotchy, like crashing waves.