Life to the Full

OCTOBER 28-30 / Niagara Falls, Ontario


The focus of the conference is to educate, equip and encourage Christian leaders, teachers, volunteers, families and people with exceptional needs with tools and resources to help build communities of belonging in their local faith communities.


Keynote speakers Amy Julia Becker (author), Dr. Erik Carter (researcher) and the Hon. David C. Onley (Former Lieutenant Governor of Ontario) and Rev. Garth Leno (Author and Senior Pastor) will guide our conversation around the streams of Ability, Belonging, and Community. Workshops led by key ministry leaders and notable organizations will equip us with practical resources to be leaders in models of accessible ministry and education.

Ability: People with exceptional needs are often seen in light of their disability rather than by virtue of their gifting and ability. To begin, we need transformed eyes to see each person as fearfully and wonderfully created in the image of God.

Belonging: True healing from a Scriptural perspective centres around the Person of Christ and restoration to God and community through Christ’s transforming power. What does it look like to truly belong to God and to one another in light of Christ’s ministry?

Community: Only when all people, including those who have been marginalized and excluded, truly belong and contribute does Christ-shaped community become a reality. What does this Kingdom-community look like, and how do we become ambassadors of Christ’s Kingdom in our ministries, schools, and lives?

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