In February of 2014, several church leaders from different denominations who have been involved in disability ministries gathered to discuss how we could be of service to other churches in their efforts to integrate people with disabilities in the church communities. As a result, the Church Network for Disability Support was born. What we want to do is to support and encourage each other through:

  • Sharing stories, experiences, skills, resources, and strategies
  • Providing a forum for discussion regarding matters of current concern
  • Exploring opportunities for collaboration in training and development
  • Bridging with community agencies that specialize in this field
  • Inviting other churches to join us on our mission to support people with disabilities

Over the last few years, we have organized webinars and seminars as training and networking opportunities for churches. Our definition of disability is a broad one. It includes limitation in function from a physical, mental, learning, developmental or emotional condition; or natural degeneration occurring at any point in a person’s life. Therefore, the topics of our webinars and seminars are wide. Our speakers are people with personal, pastoral and or theological backgrounds who are able to speak to topics relevant to their expertise. Resources are also shared through our Facebook page (

On Monday, December 3rd 2018, the UN International Day of Persons with Disabilities, we will be offering a webinar on ‘Universal Design for Ministry: A Three-part Whole-community Strategy to Ministering with Families with Disabilities.’  Our speaker is Dr. Alfred Yuen. As an educator and lay worker in his church, Dr. Yuen brings to this forum experience and expertise in education and ministry. This webinar covers a 3-part, generalizable strategy of impactful whole-community collaboration especially for families with disabilities. It is designed for beginners and veterans in various ministry contexts.  If you are interested in being empowered or are a leader interested in empowering your congregation as role models of a disciple of Jesus, this webinar is for you.

Universal Design for Ministry Webinar

Please visit the following link to register or share it with someone who might be interested! 

Cynthia Tam

This guest post was written by Cynthia Tam, a pastor at the Living Room Church and the National Coordinator of Disability Ministries with the Christian and Missionary Alliance. She is also the Chair of a Christian organization, Village Eulogia for Families with Special Needs. In addition, Cynthia is currently a PhD student at University of Aberdeen, Scotland. Her thesis is on practical theology of belonging for people with profound autism.