(In short, you should come and serve at Christian Horizons Family Camp with people who experience disabilities! You can learn more and apply here: www.christian-horizons.org/familycamp)

Steven and Jim

Jim and son Steven enjoy tubing at the 2017 Christian Horizons Family Camp

A Christian Horizons Family Camp Poem
By Chantal Huinink

Dreams can come true, eh?
Christian Horizons Family Camp soon gets underway!

Rain or shade,
lifetime memories will be made!

You’ll be trained to assist people who experience disability to do
things that they may never have thought they would be able to!

At Elim Lodge Christian resort,
families and volunteers together enjoy worship, crafts, games and water-sports.

And if swimming, tubing, pontoon rides or the Sea-Doo aren’t your style,
You can play in the park, hike, bike or simply lay on the beach for a while!

You can count on great food and a comfy bed
for a place to lay your head.

Families and volunteers will be blessed no matter the weather;
They will have a great time together!

Volunteering at Christian Horizons Family Camp is incredibly fun;
Volunteers enjoy daily devotions and special snacks along with hanging out with everyone!

At any age or life-stage between 16 and 99,
Family Camp volunteers learn lots and have an amazing time!


Chantal hopes to see you at the Christian Horizons Family Camp!

More volunteers like you
are essential to making this dream come true.

Thankfully, joining the Family Camp team
is hardly as difficult as it may seem.

Filling out an application online
with a $50 deposit will be fine.

You can also e-mail us at any time!

We hope volunteers will use the skills they learn wherever they go
to help accessible ministries to grow!

Because all people need to see
how blessed the body of Christ could be,
if we recognized everyone’s capability!