Advent – Christ

Whom have we ever had but you?
Who came to be alone with us
Who came to sit and weep with us
In the winter after Christmas.

Advent – Peace

Everyone tells me to be glad Everyone tells me I should sing, Says ‘Peace, peace,’ But there is no peace.

Advent – Love

I don’t want to wear a mask But I’ll wear one for my friend His lungs are bad, and if he Gets the virus he will die.

Advent – Hope

We have hope! Even though This year has been hard. For good things can come When we least expect them.

Advent – Faith

We have faith that this won’t last That this sickness will end In glory, not in death, but We know sometimes they’re the same.


In the group home they are waiting...

A poem – Beloved

In every season, in every storm In moments of questions In moments of fear In moments when everything seems so unclear Be still and know that you are loved

A poem – Sensory Processing Disorder

There is a subtle panic in her eyes: she is trying to read me, trying to understand what it is I could want from her, but she picks up nothing at all from my best encouraging face.

Keeping Silence (Mike Walker)

My silence can be holy, if I feel The presence, and the touch, of those who care. A gentle hand, or word, makes joy more real, And griefs gain substance in a loving prayer.

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