This is the second in a series of poems about Christmas, this Christmas. Through the framing device of the five Advent candles that mark the progression of the season in various Christian traditions, they will attempt to speak the truth about Christmas in congregant care, both to and from those experiencing it. 

Two lit candles can be seen in front of greenery, and two more candles in the background.
Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash
II. Hope

We have hope! Even though
This year has been hard.
For good things can come
When we least expect them.
We found ourselves strong
When we thought we’d be weak
We found ourselves brave
When we thought we’d be scared
We find all this life
In the dead of winter.
We find all these lights
At the end of the year
We see a star rise
In the longest of nights
We find God with us
When we feel most alone.
We have hope! And though
The year’s not over yet
That means there’s still time
To be surprised again.