This is the fifth and final poem in this series about Christmas, this Christmas. Through the framing device of the five Advent candles that mark the progression of the season in various Christian traditions, this series attempted to speak the truth about Christmas in congregant care, both to and from those experiencing it.

Merry Christmas all.

An advent wreath sits on a table with a small glass nativity set in the centre  all five candles are lit  . There is a small Christmas tree in the background

V. Christ.

When the home is dark and quiet
And all the lights have been unplugged
When the cheerful music ends and
We’re alone in the silent night.

Whom have we ever had but you?
Who came to be alone with us
Who came to sit and weep with us
In the winter after Christmas.

Our faith when church is cancelled
Our hope when we can’t find any
Our love when we are so lonely
Our peace, not as the world will give

There’s no candles in the group home
We can’t light one for you tonight
We don’t need to light a candle
When you’re within us burning bright.