This is the third in a series of poems about Christmas, this Christmas. Through the framing device of the five Advent candles that mark the progression of the season in various Christian traditions, they will attempt to speak the truth about Christmas in congregant care, both to and from those experiencing it.

three lit candles on a table.
Photo by Carolyn V on Unsplash
III. Love

I don’t want to wear a mask 
But I’ll wear one for my friend 
His lungs are bad, and if he 
Gets the virus he will die.   

So are mine, and so will I 
So he wears a mask for me. 
We share a home, so no one’s 
Healthy unless we all are.    

I hate wearing the mask. 
And I hate staying home. 
But I don’t hate either 
As much as I love my friend   

I’m lucky I have a friend 
Who feels the same about me.
We’re lucky to have a God 
Who feels the same about us.