Jewish Disability Awareness & Inclusion Month #JDAIM17

"What if the opportunities to experience the joy of community and the familiarity of long-ago learned rituals were open to them at any time, just like anyone else…Imagine if all of these people could participate in synagogue seders or at peoples’ homes."

Welcoming Students of All Abilities (CLC Network)

On Tuesday, January 24th at 1 p.m., join the Center for the Advancement of Christian Education (CACE) and CLC Network "for a conversation about supporting students with disabilities in Christian schools."

Mephibosheth at the table of the King

Are we deliberate in our own lives to welcome someone with a disability to our table? Are we careful to recognize that person by their name, who they are, rather than their disability?

Inviting Your Stories on Disability and the Church

Are you a person living with disabilities (visible or invisible), a caregiver, or an ally? What would you tell the church, over coffee, about your life with a disability? The Theologies of Disability Working Group of the United Church invites you to tell your stories about your faith life with disability

Engaging youth, fostering friendship: Koinonia Ministry

It is my hope and dream that by bringing the two groups together our kids will learn to see autism in a new light and have empathy for these kids struggling with enormous challenges. In this we, as a youth ministry, are living out the gospel of Jesus rather than just speaking about it.

Creating a Culture of Inclusion for Churches (Video)

Creating a Culture of Inclusion for People with Disabilities is a series of 8 vignettes of real life situations in the First Presbyterian Church of Birmingham, MI that is meant to be a study resource for faith communities.

Glory Story – Emmanuel (Video)

"Just come, just get here." Sometimes, the best first step is invitation. Who knows how many people don't attend on any given Sunday simply because no one has asked them? The video [Read More]

Level Ground – Rethinking Worship

Brian Doerkson's latest work revolves around "Level Ground," incorporating the worship band with the congregation and eliminating the traditional barrier between leader and participant.

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