Serving Others (#6) Holistic Support

Christian ministries may have more impact if they focus on holistic care and ministry than on a "specialist" approach to faith or spirituality. It is too easy to fragment intellectual, physical, and emotional needs as aspects of flourishing spirituality.

Serving Others (#5) Growth and Development

You can foster the growth and development of others, particularly people who experience disabilities, in your church or community by recognizing their gifts and talents, presenting opportunities for them to utilize their gifts, and encouraging them to develop their skills.

Will there be disabilities in heaven?

Earlier this week, an excellent video on "Disability in Heaven" was shared by the Center for Philosophy of Religion at the University of Notre Dame. You will find the video posted [Read More]

Princeton Disability and Youth Ministry Conference: Reflections

Adolescence is a challenging time for many young people, and with today’s complexities – in part due to rapid technological advancement and 24/7 connectivity – it has only become an increasingly tricky season of life to navigate. Add to this the potential social stigma, barriers, and support needs that come with visible and invisible disabilities and mental health challenges, and it is no wonder that youth pastors and practitioners are hungry for relevant training and resources in this area.

“One Body” for Everybody (Video)

I share my story, not because I need to be heard, but because people still haven’t noticed how hard it is for some bodies to be in a church building, or participate in corporate worship services or activities.

The Advent of Christ’s Barrier-Free Kingdom

Isaiah presents a vision of the glory of the Lord being revealed when there are no barriers; the valleys have been lifted, the mountains have been made low and the planes are smooth; I could go anywhere and do anything regardless of my wheelchair.

EveryBody Belongs – International Day of Persons with Disabilities

What a great opportunity to intentionally celebrate the gifts of people of all abilities in your church community! To make this easy, Christian Horizons has put together a number of resources, including videos, a service guide, and a complete sermon around the theme of "EveryBody Belongs."

Excellent worship includes everyone!

I felt the presence of God so much more at the Family Retreat than I had anywhere else in recent years. Seeing so many people of all abilities joining together to make a joyful noise was a powerful experience. The love for God in that room was so strong that it was almost overwhelming. It felt like a preview of heaven.

Tyndale Certificate in Accessible Ministry

Developed in collaboration with Christian Horizons, this certificate program will equip people to foster belonging in all aspects of ministry and outreach with people living with a disability and their families. Engaging modules address practical, theological, and relational aspects of being the Body of Christ as people of unique abilities – together.

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