Bethesda Series: Inclusive Bible Study (seeJesus Press)

After several years of teaching Kim and her friends, Jill-who is also a special education teacher-began to plan a special needs curriculum series. We saw the need for a robust Bible curriculum, and Jill firmly believed we could create a complete Bible curriculum that involved real Bible study.

Welcoming People of All Abilities Step-By-Step

In partnership with Christian Reformed Disability Concerns, the Christian Learning Centers (CLC) network has a helpful list of practical tips and resources to foster accessibility and inclusion which may be critical to a sense of belonging in your church.

Learning outside our comfort zones (Dr. Timothy Epp)

Thank God for Brian, for my encounter with him and my continued relationships with people who are considered to be disabled. Brian is a whole person, with his likes and dislikes, his own personality and his own ways of contributing to the broader community.

Lenten Reflection & Holy Week Resources

The Lenten season serves as a powerful reminder that no matter how much I endure in this life, Jesus' sacrifice was much greater. It is humbling to recognize that my challenges do not qualify me for a monopoly on suffering. I am comforted and grateful for the fact that Jesus suffered more and yet overcame.

Barriers or gifts? Encountering the “Other” (Guest post)

Putting people into categories goes right back to the Bible, as in the New Testament the early church had conflict between the Jews and the Gentiles and the church could not agree on how to achieve unity. It is clear from the Old Testament that God intended all along that people love Him and live at peace with God and others.

Accessible Baptism

Baptism is an expression of a person’s love for and commitment to Christ: A recognition that we are broken and sinful and are in need of a Saviour. I believe this and wanted to be baptized. There was one crucial problem; due to medical reasons I can no longer go under water!

Inclusion is not a luxury.

As my youth pastor lifted my chair and me onto the bus he quite literally embodied God's strength, breaking down barriers to belonging.

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