Many of you will be familiar with Cara Milne of M-Powered Planning, workshop leader at the Life to the Full Conference and author of Building Community: Practical Ways to Build Inclusive Communities for People Who Are VulnerableOn September 22nd, 2017 Cara will be facilitating a training specifically related to the context of church ministry, in connection with CRC/RCA Disability Concerns. This training will be held in Grand Rapids, MI, and you can find much more information along with registration info at this link.

Here is a brief overview from the Disability Concerns Network site:

Church, Belonging, and Community: People who use wheelchairs aren’t the only ones who benefit from curb cuts. So do parents with strollers, young children, bicyclists, and delivery workers. Curb cuts are one example of “universal design”—a way of designing buildings, environments, programs, and events to benefit as many people as possible. When churches utilize universal design principles in planning—whether for discipleship, worship, community engagement, leadership development, or facilities—they create ministries where everyone can belong and participate.

Training leader Cara Milne will give practical information and support so that faith communities can learn to implement a universal design for creating a generous community of welcome and supporting an atmosphere of belonging.

Click here to find out more or to register!

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Keith serves as Manager of Organizational and Spiritual Life with Christian Horizons. He lives just South of Ottawa, Ontario, and holds his PhD in caregiving ethics from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. His book Formed Together: Mystery, Narrative, and Virtue in Christian Caregiving released March 2021 through Baylor University Press. Connect with Keith on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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  1. Keth, keep up your good work! I have been very blessed to talk and submit something to Keth’s blog. Thank you for taking me out of my confort zone and to share my story with your sight. God bless, Maria

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