We are pleased to present a collaboration between Tyndale University College & Seminary and Christian Horizons:

Certificate Description:

“Everyone welcome!” many of our church signs proclaim. As people involved in ministry, or students looking to serve in ministry, we know that all-too-often this is not the reality for everybody. People with disabilities and their families are often marginalized and excluded due to the physical, communicative, or attitudinal barriers they face. Developed in collaboration with Christian Horizons, this certificate program will equip people to foster belonging in all aspects of ministry and outreach with people living with a disability and their families. Engaging modules address practical, theological, and relational aspects of being the Body of Christ as people of unique abilities – together.


Tyndale University College & Seminary
3377 Bayview Avenue
Toronto, ON M2M 3S4

Cost: $75.00

We encourage you to register early for these modules. For a complete description of the six modules taking place over fall and winter 2017, you can download a comprehensive guide to the certificate program: Tyndale Certificate in Accessible Ministry 

Stephen Bedard, a course instructor, pastor and parent of children with disabilities has written a glowing introduction to the certificate program over at his blog: www.stephenjbedard.com/2017/08/23/certificate-accessible-ministry/

One of the great things about this certificate is the price. It is extremely reasonable. I have researched a number of certificate programs in various areas of theological education and I’m amazed at how low the tuition is. Each module is only $75! That’s amazing.

I love the idea of this program. In fact I love it so much that I will be teaching one of the modules myself. Mine will be Ministering with Families with Disabilities.

But I’m not promoting this because I’m a teacher. I’m promoting it because I’m both a pastor and father of two children with disabilities. I know that many churches don’t feel equipped to welcome people with disabilities.

This certificate program removes the concern about lack of knowledge or background. Imagine if every church within travelling distance of Tyndale invested in this by sending just one person to be trained.

I hope that you will consider this. If you are interested, here is the link to register for the first module. It is worth considering.

You can check out Steve’s previous contributions to this forum here.

Please take a moment to visit Tyndale’s site to learn more and register, or to promote this opportunity to family, friends, and colleagues who may be able to travel to Toronto for this exciting opportunity!