Creating a Culture of Inclusion for People with Disabilities is a series of 8 vignettes of real life situations in the First Presbyterian Church of Birmingham, MI that is meant to be a study resource for faith communities.

Following each vignette which depicts the “wrong” way to be inclusive, is an interview with the people in it describing what they really want and need. Questions for study and reflection follow each vignette.

While the vignettes were scripted, the interviews that follow were not.

This video is available on YouTube as well as on their church website at It began as an Eagle Scout project with the church members and grew into a whole church project. For more information, contact Cindy Merten,

The video covers examples such as:

  • (2:06) “You wanted to go where?” – Finding out what a person needs before jumping in to help
  • (4:20) “What’s in a name?” – “Person first” language
  • (6:40) “They’re here!” – Welcoming people first as a family or an individual, without over-emphasizing the fact that they may be impacted by disability
  • (9:11) “Hey, what about me?” – Addressing physical accessibility and ensuring everyone’s gifts are valued
  • (11:19) “Let’s make some noise!” – Welcoming people as they are, even if this involves extra noise during the service
  • (14:04) “What did you say?” – Practically meeting the needs of people who are hard of hearing
  • (17:01) “It’s where?” – Wheelchair accessibility
  • (21:34) “I can do that” – All people have gifts, no matter who they are. Finding out who people are and what they have to contribute.