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Princeton Disability and Youth Ministry Conference: Reflections

Adolescence is a challenging time for many young people, and with today’s complexities – in part due to rapid technological advancement and 24/7 connectivity – it has only become an increasingly tricky season of life to navigate. Add to this the potential social stigma, barriers, and support needs that come with visible and invisible disabilities and mental health challenges, and it is no wonder that youth pastors and practitioners are hungry for relevant training and resources in this area.

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Inviting Your Stories on Disability and the Church

Are you a person living with disabilities (visible or invisible), a caregiver, or an ally? What would you tell the church, over coffee, about your life with a disability? The Theologies of Disability Working Group of the United Church invites you to tell your stories about your faith life with disability

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Glory Story – Emmanuel (Video)

"Just come, just get here." Sometimes, the best first step is invitation. Who knows how many people don't attend on any given Sunday simply because no one has asked them? The video below, from Harvest Bible Chapel in Oakville, Ontario, is an excellent example of an invitation for families with children with special needs. It also goes [...]

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