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God at Work: Brett and Breha (Video)

Attending Harvest Bible Chapel in Niagara, Ontario, Brett and Breha have experienced a transformative journey which led to their adoption of William, a child with exceptional needs. Learn more about their spiritual growth as part of Harvest Niagara from 0:00 to 3:45, or jump to the story of William's adoption at 3:46. Many of us, [...]

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Inclusion Handbook (Booklet)

Looking for a resource to help church leaders and members welcome and engage people disabilities in the life of the church? : Faith Alive has recently released the second edition of Inclusion Handbook: Everybody Belongs, Everybody Serves. Description: Knowing the particular disability a person lives with will help churches better to understand and help that person, but people [...]

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Free Online Seminary Course: Disability Ministry

In this free resource, made available by Covenant Theological Seminary, the director of MNA’s Special Needs Ministries offers firsthand experience, practical resources, and creative ideas for helping the church be more effective at ministering to and alongside of those touched by disability. Click here to view this valuable resource Since May 2007, Stephanie O. Hubach [...]

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Adults with Exceptional Needs (Maria’s story, part 5)

Our church has done many things right in creating a safe and accommodating place for children, including a Plan to Protect® policy, offering to provide workers and they have even offered seminars on children with disabilities. Outside of the children’s programming, though, I know of nothing specifically in place for adults with disabilities except general acceptance.

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From The Inside Out- A special need for a special ministry (Valerie Bradford)

Director- From The Inside Out- Special Needs Ministry Website: www.ftiomin.weebly.com Contact: ftiomin@hotmail.com Two years ago, if you asked me what I would be doing today, I would definitely not have included my current role as the Director of a disability ministry!  Although my life has been touched by disability since I was a young child, [...]

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