The idea here is simple: To make space for anyone interested in exploring resources, authors, theologians and practical tips for increasingly accessible faith communities. We hope that through this site we will learn from, encourage, and support one another in welcoming people with and without disabilities into communities of belonging. There are some amazing things happening out there, and some wonderful resources being created for families and persons with disabilities as they seek to find a place of belonging within the body of Christ. This is an open forum where you are encouraged to connect with each other, post your own links, share your success, dreams, challenges and opportunities – and ask questions to get ideas, advice and help. As you become aware of resources, people, and ideas, share them here and invite others to participate. The idea here is not that any one person or ministry is ‘the expert’ but that together we create something organic and every morphing into something better. The goal is become more effective in creating Kingdom bodies of belonging, healing and hope for those who experience disabilities in their lives. I am excited about what might be created here. My role for now, is primarily to be the hub of connecting the communities and managing the site. Send me your links, and websites and such, and I’ll integrate them into the site. Again, although I personally work for Christian Horizons, this is not to be a Christian Horizons ‘thing’, but truly a community gathering of which we are a part. So, let the adventure begin.

If you have a link, website, church, ministry leader, blog, article, discussion, books, etc etc that you’d like to have add to this site (beyond the comments) please forward to me at  I’d be happy to post it to the site.

Note:  This site is very much under construction so, suggestions, additions, recommendations, corrections are highly valued.

Dr. Neil Cudney
Director of Pastoral Ministries, Christian Horizons