Keith,-Chantal,-AmandaThe Meeting House, one of the largest churches in Canada including its regional sites throughout Ontario, has just been through an Ubuntu series that has highlighted three marginalized groups: First Nations, New Canadians, and lastly People Living With a Disability. It was my honour, as a representative of Christian Horizons as well as an elder at the Meeting House in Ottawa, to join Amanda Miles (Compassion Support Pastor) and Chantal Huinink (writer, speaker, advocate) to highlight the need for belonging and inclusion in our faith communities.

The first services took place in Oakville last Sunday (August 31st, 2014), but the regional sites will be showing the message tomorrow (September 7th) and the video is also available online:

You can see if there’s a viewing location near you by visiting here. Your thoughts are welcome in the comments!

Highlights include:

  • an introduction to the work of Christian Horizons and our passion for working with faith communities to build communities of belonging
  • barriers to inclusion and ways to overcome them
  • Chantal sharing her personal experiences and encouragement to the church as a person with Cerebral Palsy who uses a wheelchair
  • Amanda Miles shares her own powerful story as a mother who lost a child with a disability