This is the sixth in a series of posts written by a mother of a son with autism, reflecting on her experience with her church community. Some of her observations serve as challenges to the way we do church, while others should be encouraging to the people who have made a difference in the lives of her and her family.  The names in this story are fictional, but their experiences are not.

tabletSomething I think would be a big plus for any church working for inclusion in their Sunday School Program, if they can afford it, is touch screen technology. This is one thing that really has been incredible for Michael at school and now at home – touch screen technology including SMART Boards and iPads.

Our son caught on to touch screens immediately and can now stay engaged at school on the iPad for up to 40 minutes. The majority of his instruction comes in the form of these technologies because the information is visual, interactive, tactile and rewarding.

Our son was recently gifted an iPad from a complete stranger.

He loves it and if he plays with it long enough we can even find rare, uninterrupted time to do something else!