Disability and Faith

Advent – Christ

Whom have we ever had but you?
Who came to be alone with us
Who came to sit and weep with us
In the winter after Christmas.

Advent – Peace

Everyone tells me to be glad Everyone tells me I should sing, Says ‘Peace, peace,’ But there is no peace.

Advent – Love

I don’t want to wear a mask But I’ll wear one for my friend His lungs are bad, and if he Gets the virus he will die.

Advent – Hope

We have hope! Even though This year has been hard. For good things can come When we least expect them.

Advent – Faith

We have faith that this won’t last That this sickness will end In glory, not in death, but We know sometimes they’re the same.

“The Strange World of COVID-19”

Having journaled for years, recently I went to a digital platform for my journal, so I’ve begun to transcribe my old, hand-written journals into the new platform. It’s a painstakingly slow project, and the strange world of COVID-19 has prompted its resumption.

“Just trust God!”

Since COVID-19 began I’ve heard several of my Christian friends say some version of “trust God.” ... Trusting God does not mean I won’t get COVID-19. It means that if I do, He will be with me...

This far

It’s 1 in the morning and I cry out to God – "I can’t sleep. All I have in my head is pain and fear. What am I supposed to do? I’m stressed and restless and can’t sleep."

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