Disability and Faith

The Advent of Christ’s Barrier-Free Kingdom

Isaiah presents a vision of the glory of the Lord being revealed when there are no barriers; the valleys have been lifted, the mountains have been made low and the planes are smooth; I could go anywhere and do anything regardless of my wheelchair.

Advent Devotional: Faithful communities of peace

Does your church work to show your community that people with disabilities are truly welcomed and embraced? If not, what good is your faith? Faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead, but faith that is accompanied by action is a beautiful offering of love toward God and other people."

Advent, red lipstick, and facing the world (Lorna Bradley)

I thought I had outgrown that keen sense of yearning, but then I became a mother of a child on the autism spectrum. I found a whole different level of yearning for all of the answers to be revealed as I contemplated an unknown future.

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