Disability and Faith

Chris, Christmas, and Christ

One day in November, I experienced Chris’ anticipation in full. We had arrived at a local mall. Walking in the door, at the end of a very long hallway we could see Santa’s giant decorative red chair set up in the centre of the atrium. Chris exclaimed “ho-ho!” and took off running toward Santa’s throne.

Illness, Christmas, and God With Us

Despite all this, I am joyful. I’m going into the Christmas season knowing I may not have the energy to go sledding or light touring with my nephews; I may have to limit my rounds to people I care about. Yet, I know God is here with me. Christmas is about God incarnate, so despite what I may or may not get to do this year, I marvel that HE came for me.

Hope for Barrier-Free Design Principles in IDPD and Advent

The first week of Advent and the International Day of Persons with Disabilities is a wonderful week to reflect on the hope of Christ, our saviour who was here, is here with us now through his Holy Spirit, and who will someday, hopefully soon, be with us in the flesh again.

Advent – Christ

Whom have we ever had but you?
Who came to be alone with us
Who came to sit and weep with us
In the winter after Christmas.

Advent – Peace

Everyone tells me to be glad Everyone tells me I should sing, Says ‘Peace, peace,’ But there is no peace.

Advent – Love

I don’t want to wear a mask But I’ll wear one for my friend His lungs are bad, and if he Gets the virus he will die.

Advent – Hope

We have hope! Even though This year has been hard. For good things can come When we least expect them.

Advent – Faith

We have faith that this won’t last That this sickness will end In glory, not in death, but We know sometimes they’re the same.


In the group home they are waiting...

The Light of Peace Has Come

In Bekoji, Ethiopia, a place that housed tools of war is becoming a place that will offer supports which will nourish and grow the community. This is all because its members now rightly believe that their children with disabilities are image-bearers of God. That's a light I can live in.

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