lifechurch-tv-story-gayle-wallsGayle Walls desired to communicate his faith to the world, but found communication barriers to be challenging in light of being born with cerebral palsy. With the rapid growth of technological communication and the innovation of his church community, though, Gayle has found his niche as a Church Online volunteer with has become the second-largest church in the United States with a weekly attendance of about 41,000 due to their innovation and embrace of technology to reach people and broadcast services live online.

This church is also behind The YouVersion Bible app, likely the most popular Bible appplication available on mobile phones and tablets.

You can find out more about at their website or visit their YouTube channel.

What are some ways that technology has impacted your faith journey and ability to communicate?

What are the positive aspects to embracing technology and what are some of the things that might get missed along the way?



About Keith Dow

Keith serves as Manager of Organizational and Spiritual Life with Christian Horizons. He lives just South of Ottawa, Ontario, and holds his PhD in caregiving ethics from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. His book Formed Together: Mystery, Narrative, and Virtue in Christian Caregiving released March 2021 through Baylor University Press. Connect with Keith on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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