While the majority of resources posted on this site are from a Christian faith-based perspective, we recognize that the challenges to full welcome and inclusion faced by churches are also shared with a variety of other religious traditions, and advocating for emphasis on spiritual development in the lives of people with disability is needed regardless of the traditions they align with.

Faith-and-culture-logo4The Faith and Culture Inclusion Network  is dedicated to advocating for spiritual development and inclusion in the lives of people with developmental disabilities in Ontario. They offer resources related to various aspects of including people with developmental disabilities in faith communities.

There are many similar networks throughout North America, but one that is thriving and offers many resources is the Texas Faith-Based & Community Initiative for Disability Inclusion. They provide a number of YouTube videos, such as the one below on the Central Texas Stories of Faith and Inclusion. Heather Albright, featured in the video at 3:25, joined us for the 2014 Summer Institute on Theology and Disability in Dallas.

Are there other networks that you have found beneficial with regards to faith, culture and disability? Feel free to include them in the comments.


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Husband, father, and thinker serving people with exceptional needs in Canada's capital and throughout Ontario. Connect with Keith on Twitter or LinkedIn.

2 Thoughts on “Faith Inclusion Networks

  1. Avatar Maggie S. on October 6, 2014 at 2:30 pm said:

    This is great! I hope that EnabledMuslim (enabledmuslim.org) can help add to some of your resources as well

    • Hi Maggie, that is a very neat site and there are so many similar principles between the two. I very much enjoyed learning from Dr. Mohammed Ghaly during the 2013 Summer Institute. Thanks for stopping by!

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