This Lenten season, what’s your “something else?” (Dwayne Milley)

80% of the world’s citizens who experience disabilities, people like Hiwot, live in developing countries.  One person in seven has a disability here at home. My small sacrifice of removing one thing from my life (frankly, an unhealthy practice anyway) in order to turn my attention outward and upward on their behalf …well, it seems to make some sense.

Gayle Walls: Church Online Volunteer (video)

Gayle Walls desired to communicate his faith to the world, but found communication barriers to be challenging in light of being born with cerebral palsy. With the rapid growth of technological [Read More]

Touch Screens (Maria’s story, part 6)

Our son caught on to touch screens immediately and can now stay engaged at school on the iPad for up to 40 minutes. The majority of his instruction comes in the form of these technologies because the information is visual, interactive, tactile and rewarding.

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