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Doing vs. Being

Last night I did what I do every night as the day winds down, I mentally went through my day and noted all the things I didn’t get done.  The list was long. The tasks should have been easy.  I felt like I had failed at life, and this was a familiar feeling because this is a familiar routine. 

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Seeing Beyond Disability (Erin Huber)

In my endeavors to learn and be enriched, I cannot discount the experience I gain from being in relationship with others. I can acquire knowledge, capacity, and skills from academic study and reading and yet it has been when I have engaged in community and established friendships with people with exceptional needs that I have gained the most.

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Eight Twenty Eight: When Love Didn’t Give Up (Free audiobook!)

Just over a year ago we featured Eight Twenty Eight, a story of faith, love, and disability. It has since been published, and for the month of July the audiobook can be downloaded for free over at Christian Audio: christianaudio.com/free/. The site does not require creating an account, but you will be added to their newsletter if you [...]

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