Over the next weeks, we will be highlighting some of the presentations at the 2013 Summer Institute on Theology and Disability.

This week, we are featuring “Reflections on Dietrich Bonhoeffer” by John Swinton.

swintonJohn Swinton, Ph.D, holds the chair in Practical Theology and Pastoral Care at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom. He worked for over a decade as a registered nurse in psychiatric and intellectual disability settings before becoming an ordained minister of the Presbyterian Church of Scotland and then a Ph.D and professor. Writings include Resurrecting the Person: Friendship and the Care of People with Mental Health Problems, and Critical Reflections on Stanley Hauerwas’ Essays on Disability: Disabling Society, Enabling Theology New York: Haworth Press (2005). In 2004 he founded the Centre for Spirituality, Health and Disability at the University of Aberdeen.

You can visit John Swinton’s Amazon Author Page here.

You can also download Bill Gaventa’s notes on this session here: “Reflections on Dietrich Bonhoeffer“.

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