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I recently participated in a radio interview at Kingdom Bound, a Christian rock festival at Six Flags Darien Lake in Buffalo, New York. Michael and Mick, hosts of the show “Crossing Borders” on WDCX Radio highlighted Christian Horizons’ Vision Statement:

People with exceptional needs belong to communities in which their God-given gifts are valued and respected.

Dwight and I talked about some of the unique gifts and abilities God has given to each of us, in light of our so-called “disabilities” in addition to what makes us feel valued and respected.” Neil Cudney, Director of Organizational and Spiritual Life at Christian Horizons went on to emphasize that the need to be valued, respected and to belong is not specific to people with exceptional needs but applies to people of all abilities.

Christian Horizons Family Retreat LogoWe discussed the Christian Horizons Family Retreats not only in terms of their value to families affected by disability who attend but in terms of their value for Short Term Missionaries (volunteers) to partner with specific families for a week having fun, blessing each other. STMs learn valuable skills in accessible ministry which they can then take back to their churches and communities. The Family Retreats intentionally foster a sense of belonging, value and respect for all participants. Through this God is glorified in exciting and amazing ways! We are still in need of volunteers to serve at the family retreats, August 23–28 and August 30–September 4 at Elim Lodge near Peterborough, Ontario. If you or someone you know would be interested in volunteering please have them contact Christian Horizons as soon as possible.

Following the interview I reflected on how the accessible environment and prevalent attitude of love and acceptance at Kingdom Bound contributes to a sense of belonging for many, including Dwight and I, regardless of ability. It occurred to me that this should not be something that we find surprising, but rather a prominent attribute that marks communities which profess Christ as Lord and Savior. “They will know we are Christian by our love.” Accordingly, I am so thankful for Christian Horizons Family Retreats and all its volunteers who demonstrate Christ’s love so powerfully!

I hope to see you there!

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