Laurie Wallin is an author and life coach who understands firsthand the struggles and challenges often associated with raising a family affected by disability. Her book Get Your Joy Back is an honest and heartfelt look at how such challenges have impacted her relationship with God, her marriage, her interactions with health professionals and the wider community.

Wallin offers biblical encouragement to parents and caregivers in similar positions by sharing wisdom and insights found on her own journey toward forgiveness and healing. She thoughtfully addresses concerns including, improving self-care, enhancing marital satisfaction, nurturing connections with extended family and friends, and decreasing stress related to dealing with health professionals.

Get Your Joy Back is by no means a quick fix to get one’s joy back but rather an invitation to embark on a continual journey where one finds greater joy in all experiences. Various personal and family struggles are communicated with honesty, sensitivity and humor. Wallin presents some helpful suggestions which are informed by an understanding of the time pressures and stresses that impact all families as well as some that may be unique to families affected by disability. Each chapter is practical and easy to read.

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