When is the last time you took a vacation?

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For many families who experience disabilities, getting away for rest and relaxation might seem like an inconceivable goal – especially if parents are hoping to take a break without the kids. At Key Ministry’s Inclusion Fusion Live! conference in Cleveland this spring, Jonathan McGuire from Hope Anew shared 5 simple ways to take “Five-minute vacations” to help refresh your care. For some, even five minutes away from your responsibilities may seem like a difficult goal. “I don’t have time to take a break!” is a common sentiment, but Jonathan asks a different question, “Do you have time for a physical or emotional breakdown?” Chances are, taking moments throughout your day to recharge and renew are going to help prevent chronic stress and potentially debilitating emotional or physical repercussions.

Don’t have fifteen minutes to watch Jonathan’s presentation above? Take five minutes to read an excellent PDF handout that captures the key points.

Download here: 5-Minute-Vacations-by-Jonathan-McGuire-with-Hope-Anew

Combining insights from psychology, physiology, and plain old practicality, Jonathan strives to equip listeners and readers to take Five Minute Vacations no matter their life situation.

  • It takes planning and prioritization, just like longer vacations!
  • You can prepare a “5 Minute Vacation Basket” with the types of things you will need to truly rest and enjoy your time.
  • Tell someone about your plans. Others can help us keep our commitment even when we might not naturally do so ourselves.
  • Actually take the time! It’s one thing to go through the preparation, but we need to be ready to make these moments of renewal regular habits.

Five Minute Vacations

So what might a five-minute vacation look like? McGuire offers the following ideas:

  1. Progressive Muscle Relaxation
  2. Visualization
  3. Engaging Your Senses
  4. Laugh!
  5. Deep Breathing

For more on what each of these options involves, be sure to check out the video or handout.

You can follow along with Hope Anew at www.hopeanew.com, and catch their latest posts on Facebook.