100 Huntley Street is a daily Christian television talk show of Crossroads Christian Communications out of Burlington, Ontario. The December 5th, 2016 episode featured several segments related to disability and faith.

First, the show highlighted the journey of Jen Forsthoff and her family as they learned that their baby was born with Down Syndrome. Jen describes the initial shock and fear that she experienced as she and her husband processed the news that their baby had been born with Down Syndrome. Then there was a pivotal moment when she came to realize that she had been chosen to be a mother to Charlie, hence the title of her book. Their daughter was a gift to be treasured, not a diagnosis to be treated or a problem to be solved.

Next, 100 Huntley highlighted the work of Christian Horizons in an interview with CEO Janet Noel-Annable. Janet provides several ideas on how church communities can become places where everyone is welcome and participates in the life of the community. You can learn more about Christian Horizons’ resources for churches by visiting their website, here.

For more on Down Syndrome, check out our recent post on A World Without Down Syndrome or watch a beautiful music video on the journey of Michael and Lisa Gungor with their daughter Lucie. You can see previous interviews with Janet on 100 Huntley street on January 23 and  April 22, 2014. You can also watch this episode in its entirety at the 100 Huntley Street website. We look forward to hearing your thoughts in the comments below!