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About Stephen Bedard

Stephen J. Bedard is a pastor at Queen Street Baptist Church. He is currently completing his DMin in the area of disability ministry from Acadia Divinity College. He lives with his wife Amanda in St. Catharines, Ontario. Their oldest two children have autism and live in a group home setting. Feel free to check out his website at stephenjbedard.com , or pick up a copy of his book How to Make Your Church Autism Friendly.

Respecting Neurodiversity in the Church

Respecting neurodiversity means not starting with an assumption of what people want or need. Christian discipleship always happens within a specific context. Start with the people who are present and adjust the practices accordingly. It is more complicated than a standard way of discipleship but it is a way that respects that different ways God has created us.

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Excellent worship includes everyone!

I felt the presence of God so much more at the Family Retreat than I had anywhere else in recent years. Seeing so many people of all abilities joining together to make a joyful noise was a powerful experience. The love for God in that room was so strong that it was almost overwhelming. It felt like a preview of heaven.

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