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This Lenten season, what’s your “something else?” (Dwayne Milley)

By |2018-02-28T15:38:19-05:00March 1st, 2018|Guest posts, Social issues|

80% of the world’s citizens who experience disabilities, people like Hiwot, live in developing countries.  One person in seven has a disability here at home. My small sacrifice of removing one thing from my life (frankly, an unhealthy practice anyway) in order to turn my attention outward and upward on their behalf …well, it seems to make some sense.

Don’t Cry – Jesus at the margins (Luke 7)

By |2021-04-01T14:54:40-04:00April 1st, 2021|Church ministries, Guest posts, Personhood, Theology, Uncategorized|

... people with disabilities are often marginalized as well. Long before Christian Horizons articulated our vision that ‘people who experience disabilities belong to communities in which their God-given gifts are valued and respected’, Jesus helped others see our crucial need to belong. He makes it possible for people to belong.

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