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Sesame Street, Autism, and your Church! (video)

Thanks, Sesame Street for striving to "see amazing in all children," and helping to contextualize such an important biblical truth, that is, the value of embracing differences. As people of faith, may we be reminded that God sees amazing in all children as well as in all people. Further, may this be cause for the church to celebrate the different gifts of every person.

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Glory Story – Emmanuel (Video)

"Just come, just get here." Sometimes, the best first step is invitation. Who knows how many people don't attend on any given Sunday simply because no one has asked them? The video below, from Harvest Bible Chapel in Oakville, Ontario, is an excellent example of an invitation for families with children with special needs. It also goes [...]

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The Greater Miracle – Bryan Roe (Video)

Bryan Roe is a youth pastor with Crosspoint Community Church in Wisconsin. At Key Ministry's 2012 Inclusion Fusion he shared the remarkable story of his time with Tourette Syndrome during his youth. On the Disability and Faith Forum we tend to focus on stories where people currently living with disabilities experience and express God's grace and truth, [...]

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Agent or Object: A Call to be God’s Partner (Judith Snow)

Over the next weeks, we will be highlighting some of the presentations at the 2013 Summer Institute on Theology and Disability. This week, we are featuring "Agent or Object: A Call to be God’s Partner" by Judith Snow. Judith Snow, MA (www.judithsnow.org) is a social innovator and an advocate for Inclusion. She is also a visual artist and [...]

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Leviticus and the Priest with Disabilities: A Job Description

Over the next weeks, we will be highlighting some of the presentations at the 2013 Summer Institute on Theology and Disability. This week, we are featuring "Leviticus and the Priest with Disabilities: A Job Description" by Jeremy Schipper. Jeremy Schipper, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor of Religion (Hebrew Bible) and an affiliated faculty member of the Institute on [...]

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God at Work: Brett and Breha (Video)

Attending Harvest Bible Chapel in Niagara, Ontario, Brett and Breha have experienced a transformative journey which led to their adoption of William, a child with exceptional needs. Learn more about their spiritual growth as part of Harvest Niagara from 0:00 to 3:45, or jump to the story of William's adoption at 3:46. Many of us, [...]

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John Swinton Interview

Written by Dr Rod Thompson, Principal of Laidlaw College, NZ  Originally posted at the Laidlaw College site here. Thank you to the college for permission to re-post. You can find more information about the Theology, Disability, and the People of God conference that was held at Carey Baptist College here. One of the best conferences I have been [...]

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Amos Yong Interview

Laidlaw College Principal, Rod Thompson and Pentecostal Theologian, Amos Yong met for a video interview after the Theology, Disability and People of God Conference held at Carey Baptist College in July in New Zealand where Amos was one of the keynote speakers. As well as reflecting on the highlights of the conference, they discussed Pentecostal [...]

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