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God at Work: Brett and Breha (Video)

Attending Harvest Bible Chapel in Niagara, Ontario, Brett and Breha have experienced a transformative journey which led to their adoption of William, a child with exceptional needs. Learn more about their spiritual growth as part of Harvest Niagara from 0:00 to 3:45, or jump to the story of William's adoption at 3:46. Many of us, [...]

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Adults with Exceptional Needs (Maria’s story, part 5)

Our church has done many things right in creating a safe and accommodating place for children, including a Plan to Protect® policy, offering to provide workers and they have even offered seminars on children with disabilities. Outside of the children’s programming, though, I know of nothing specifically in place for adults with disabilities except general acceptance.

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Support Groups (Maria’s story, part 2)

I think for anything to be successful in fostering ‘belonging’ in a church setting, someone who has a child with a disability needs to be involved. They have ‘been there’ and really understand the needs of the family with a child with a disability. I haven't heard of any other support group quite like this one.

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