Disability and Faith

The Ones We Really Need

It might sound cliché, but I was hired to help others and they helped me just as much, perhaps even more. I learned about acceptance, trust, diversity, and what it meant to have a place to belong. Looking back, I realize God was beginning to teach me about 1 Corinthians 12 and what it means to be whole.

Just ask, just listen

  He was middle aged, had Down Syndrome, and spoke no English, but he said hello and quickly answered my introductory question about how long he had worked in that shop.  I apologized for not understanding his answer and he realized that I was at a disadvantage in this conversation. 

Remember Us

Dear Church, As restrictions are being lifted and you plan for being together in person once again, please think of us...

Welcoming Students of All Abilities (CLC Network)

On Tuesday, January 24th at 1 p.m., join the Center for the Advancement of Christian Education (CACE) and CLC Network "for a conversation about supporting students with disabilities in Christian schools."

The Unhidden Word (Guest Post)

Too often we fail to listen by forcing others into shallow cultural molds of what is socially acceptable. Instead, we must follow Christ’s example in welcoming those who are on the margins of society into the centre of community life.

Creating a Culture of Inclusion for Churches (Video)

Creating a Culture of Inclusion for People with Disabilities is a series of 8 vignettes of real life situations in the First Presbyterian Church of Birmingham, MI that is meant to be a study resource for faith communities.

Sunday School (Maria’s story, part 3)

Our Children's pastor lovingly and consistently tried to accommodate Michael year after year. She said to us at one point that not only was she concerned about Michael but believed that others would benefit from him being there as well.

Belonging? (Maria’s story, part 1)

Our church has supported us through prayer, financial aid and food or food vouchers and occasional visits. We also have a deaconess who is totally amazing, and she is the first person we'd call for anything! But do we feel like we belong?

Josh Masters: College-bound!

An enthusiastic basketball player who currently works at Goodwill and attends WCI in Woodstock, Josh Masters is a 20-year-old with Down syndrome who would love to work in the fitness industry at [Read More]

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