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Introducing EcumenAbility© (Guest Post)

The long-term goal of my project EcumenAbility© is nothing more than to raise the profile of inclusion of people with disabilities to the same level as other social justice issues. Churches and congregations can thus take a leading role in improving the lives of people with disabilities in their present life and give a positive example to the general society.

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Five-Minute Vacations: 5 ways to refresh your care in 5 minutes!

For many families who experience disabilities, getting away for rest and relaxation might seem like an inconceivable goal - especially if parents are hoping to take a break without the kids. At the Inclusion Fusion Live! conference in Cleveland this spring, Jonathan McGuire from Hope Anew shared 5 simple ways to take "Five-minute vacations" to help refresh your care.

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Everybody Belongs. Everybody Serves. (Mark Stephenson)

In 1985 the CRC pledged “to be the caring community according to I Corinthians 12, paying special attention to the needs and gifts of people with physical, sensory, mental, and emotional impairments,” and committed to removing physical, architectural, communication, and attitudinal barriers “in order to use the gifts of all people in our life together as God's family.”

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Supporting Families with Village Eulogia (Guest Post)

The awareness for the need to support families with children with disabilities is what motivated me and other members of the core team at Village Eulogia to found this organization. Over the years, we have been working to strengthen relationships between couples, parents and siblings, and parents and children with disabilities. As we work alongside the families, we began to experience disability as a gift from God. Through disability, God taught us more than we ever imagined.

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Abilities Ministries

"The Abilities Ministries is a disability rights Christian Ministry that is leading the way in connecting the disabled and Christian Community together in order to mutually respect the rights and choices of people with disabilities to equally participate within the church. The Abilities Ministries is supporting churches in becoming strategic and proactive in reaching out [...]

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