Introducing EcumenAbility© (Guest Post)

The long-term goal of my project EcumenAbility© is nothing more than to raise the profile of inclusion of people with disabilities to the same level as other social justice issues. Churches and congregations can thus take a leading role in improving the lives of people with disabilities in their present life and give a positive example to the general society.

Princeton Disability and Youth Ministry Conference: Reflections

Adolescence is a challenging time for many young people, and with today’s complexities – in part due to rapid technological advancement and 24/7 connectivity – it has only become an increasingly tricky season of life to navigate. Add to this the potential social stigma, barriers, and support needs that come with visible and invisible disabilities and mental health challenges, and it is no wonder that youth pastors and practitioners are hungry for relevant training and resources in this area.

Tyndale Certificate in Accessible Ministry

Developed in collaboration with Christian Horizons, this certificate program will equip people to foster belonging in all aspects of ministry and outreach with people living with a disability and their families. Engaging modules address practical, theological, and relational aspects of being the Body of Christ as people of unique abilities – together.

Bethesda Series: Inclusive Bible Study (seeJesus Press)

After several years of teaching Kim and her friends, Jill-who is also a special education teacher-began to plan a special needs curriculum series. We saw the need for a robust Bible curriculum, and Jill firmly believed we could create a complete Bible curriculum that involved real Bible study.

Learning outside our comfort zones (Dr. Timothy Epp)

Thank God for Brian, for my encounter with him and my continued relationships with people who are considered to be disabled. Brian is a whole person, with his likes and dislikes, his own personality and his own ways of contributing to the broader community.

Welcoming Students of All Abilities (CLC Network)

On Tuesday, January 24th at 1 p.m., join the Center for the Advancement of Christian Education (CACE) and CLC Network "for a conversation about supporting students with disabilities in Christian schools."

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