Glory Story – Emmanuel (Video)

"Just come, just get here." Sometimes, the best first step is invitation. Who knows how many people don't attend on any given Sunday simply because no one has asked them? The video [Read More]

Belonging and the Body

1 Corinthians 12: 12-26 Paul writes to the Corinthians that our unique gifts, especially the gifts of those that appear to be weaker, are indispensableto the healthy functioning of the Body [Read More]

Baptisms and Bathtubs (Maria’s story, part 7)

We allow Michael to have baths at certain times, and then we wrestle him out of the bathroom at other times – compliance is an issue which he can’t understand! Sometimes we give in because, well, it's just easier. When he’s in the water he's happy and we're happy.

Adults with Exceptional Needs (Maria’s story, part 5)

Our church has done many things right in creating a safe and accommodating place for children, including a Plan to Protect® policy, offering to provide workers and they have even offered seminars on children with disabilities. Outside of the children’s programming, though, I know of nothing specifically in place for adults with disabilities except general acceptance.

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