Disability and Faith

The Value of Informal Support

I hope this post is encouraging to people who are wary of helpers without qualifications being involved in their care or that of a loved one. There are blessings that come from simply doing life together in an informal way; necessary skills can be taught to all kinds of people.

Friendship Festival (May 14th 2016, Oakville)

When I attend Friendship clubs and meet friends, mentors and volunteers at our festivals, there’s a sense a contagious joy and excitement that’s hard to put into words. As people arrive for a meeting, some friends are loud and talkative while others are quiet and reserved. But everyone radiates a message of belonging and acceptance.

John Swinton Interview

Written by Dr Rod Thompson, Principal of Laidlaw College, NZ  Originally posted at the Laidlaw College site here. Thank you to the college for permission to re-post. You can find more information [Read More]

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