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Advocating for the Canadian Disability Benefit

In the aftermath of Tracy Latimer's tragic death, Chantal Huinick found herself grappling with profound questions of existence and justice. Reflecting on her own fears as a child with a disability, she unveils the enduring impact of Tracy's legacy on her life and work. In this excerpt, Huinick shares her impassioned plea for societal change, urging us to confront the complex ethical landscape of medical assistance in dying and to advocate for the inherent worth and dignity of every individual.

Physicians, Assisted Dying and Vulnerable People

Today, we are pleased to welcome Matthew Piamonte to the site for a guest post on Canada's Medical Assistance in Dying Bill C-14. Matthew is finishing his residency training in family medicine at Dalhousie's Fredericton site. Born and raised in Ottawa, he joined Christian Horizons for a brief time during his undergraduate years at Ottawa University. [...]

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“Dear Elayne Shapray” – Assisted death or assisted life?

I do not want you to suffer any more than you have to, but there has to be a solution other than physician-assisted death, because whether it seems like it or not, I believe every person, including you, is here for a reason. I hope you know that your life has value regardless of what you can or cannot do for yourself. You can still make a valuable impact on those you come into contact with.

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Summer Institute on Theology and Disability 2013

The Summer Institute on Theology and Disability was an educational and inspiring time to connect with others interested and invested in the intersection of theology and disability. One of the highlights was meeting with the Canadian contingent that attended this conference and forming an ad hoc network of people doing great things across the province [...]

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