Disability and Faith

Are Persons Burdens? Autonomy and the Light of the Gospel

"I don't want to be a burden." Dr. Quentin Genuis challenges society's misconception equating worth with independence. True dignity lies in embracing interdependence, affirming each person, especially the suffering or disabled, as a gift, not a burden.

The Myth of Competence: MAiD and End-of-Life Choices

Within Canada's medical assistance in dying (MAiD) legislation, questions of competence loom large. Dr. Ephraim Radner draws upon personal experiences and theological reflections to bring to light the ethical dilemmas surrounding the legislation. What constitutes competence in the face of existential decisions like life and death? Is it age, experience, or something deeper?

Learning to be a Better Backup Singer: Ableism within MAiD

Julia Beazley, Director of Public Policy for the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada grapples with Canada's expansion of medical assistance in dying ("MAiD"). In this article she encourages us to consider policy, foster belonging, challenges ableism and amplify the voices of those with disabilities.

Advocating for the Canadian Disability Benefit

In the aftermath of Tracy Latimer's tragic death, Chantal Huinick grappled with profound questions of existence and justice. She unveils the enduring impact of Tracy's legacy on her life and work.

Seeking out the Prophetic Voices of People with Disabilities

In my time of fear and isolation I found great comfort in the stories told by, and the communities formed by disabled people. Now that we are all traversing the land usually reserved for people with disabilities my hope is that these voices can be a comfort and a light to guide the way for the general public.

Welcoming the God-given gifts of everybody!

Everybody finds fulfillment in using the unique gifts that God has given her or him. All people find value in meaningful paid or volunteer work that serves their community.

EveryBody Belongs – International Day of Persons with Disabilities

What a great opportunity to intentionally celebrate the gifts of people of all abilities in your church community! To make this easy, Christian Horizons has put together a number of resources, including videos, a service guide, and a complete sermon around the theme of "EveryBody Belongs."

Lenten Reflection & Holy Week Resources

The Lenten season serves as a powerful reminder that no matter how much I endure in this life, Jesus' sacrifice was much greater. It is humbling to recognize that my challenges do not qualify me for a monopoly on suffering. I am comforted and grateful for the fact that Jesus suffered more and yet overcame.

To know and be known (Guest post)

I believe that my kids are understood by their Creator, one who intercedes for all of us when words fail or aren’t possible. I believe that as complicated as they may seem, both Rachel and Janneke have purpose, a purpose that may simply be to motivate the rest of us to care and be more caring.

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