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Seeking out the Prophetic Voices of People with Disabilities

In my time of fear and isolation I found great comfort in the stories told by, and the communities formed by disabled people. Now that we are all traversing the land usually reserved for people with disabilities my hope is that these voices can be a comfort and a light to guide the way for the general public.

EveryBody Belongs – International Day of Persons with Disabilities

What a great opportunity to intentionally celebrate the gifts of people of all abilities in your church community! To make this easy, Christian Horizons has put together a number of resources, including videos, a service guide, and a complete sermon around the theme of "EveryBody Belongs."

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A Special Vocation: To show people how to love (link)

The lesson my disabled son gives stands as a powerful testament to the dignity and infinite value of every human person, especially of those the world deems the weakest and most “useless.” Through their sharing in the “folly” of the Cross, the disabled are, in truth, the most powerful and the most productive among us.

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The Beauty and Pain of Disability (Faith Today)

Faith Today March/April 2013 (click here for the online issue) features three articles highlighting the topic of disability.  I am excited that there has been a significant increase in theological research and writing, autobiographies, conferences, blogs and conversations in the Church on "What ought we do?" We must be diligent that this is is not [...]

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Parent’s Perception: Congregational Participation and Support

An article in the journal "Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities" (Feb 2013) describes a research project that highlights the importance of religion and spirituality in the lives of persons with disabilities.  The authors conducted a survey of 416 families to explore the way in which they and their children participated and were included in congregational life.  The [...]

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