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Advocating for the Canadian Disability Benefit

In the aftermath of Tracy Latimer's tragic death, Chantal Huinick found herself grappling with profound questions of existence and justice. Reflecting on her own fears as a child with a disability, she unveils the enduring impact of Tracy's legacy on her life and work. In this excerpt, Huinick shares her impassioned plea for societal change, urging us to confront the complex ethical landscape of medical assistance in dying and to advocate for the inherent worth and dignity of every individual.

Does Brandon Lake Describe Biblical Healing in “Tear Off The Roof”?

It's tricky writing, talking, and even singing about healing in the Bible. Many stories focus on Jesus physically "curing" people's illnesses or disabilities. We know, though, that this is not most people's experience in 2023. Many Christians live with ongoing illnesses and disabilities. Does Brandon Lake actually describe biblical healing in his new song "Tear [...]

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Belonging, Like Jazz

Like Jazz musicians, church leaders need to become masterful at holding tension and refrain from resolving it prematurely. Rather than encouraging others to strictly preach victory in Jesus, perhaps we need to make space for people to find their own voices and speak their hurts or cry out to God. 

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Encanto Relates to Gifts and Disability

Mirabel Madrigal does not have a visible disability but many people with disabilities may relate to her in some ways. [...] The Madrigal family initially characterizes Mirabel as “unexceptional,” and “not special.” [...] people with disabilities are often characterized in opposite terminology, being referred to as “special” or “exceptional.” However, the premise of the distinction is similar

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