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A Faith Dilemma: Cornered in the Rain

A friend's encounter at the Toronto waterfront reveals the delicate balance between well-intentioned gestures and genuine understanding. Amidst rain and misunderstanding, a neighbor's misguided attempt at prayer leaves scars of isolation. Yet, within this narrative lies a profound reminder: true empathy transcends disability, calling us to authentically connect with others, reflecting the boundless compassion of a higher understanding.

A Faith Dilemma: Swooping in by the Lake

In a poignant encounter at the Toronto waterfront, Christina Minaki reflects on the complexities of faith, compassion, and disability. Amidst prayers for healing, she grapples with the misconception of disability as infirmity and challenges the narrow definition of divine intervention. Join her journey as she advocates for a broader understanding of God's healing and embraces the profound purpose within disability.

Is Self-Care Biblical?

I cannot always come last because that isn’t showing true love. It may seem simple and obvious but I have struggled with this concept for a long time. When there’s a never-ending stream of crises, it can be hard to remember the necessity of putting yourself at the top of the list sometimes.

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One day in November, I experienced Chris’ anticipation in full. We had arrived at a local mall. Walking in the door, at the end of a very long hallway we could see Santa’s giant decorative red chair set up in the centre of the atrium. Chris exclaimed “ho-ho!” and took off running toward Santa’s throne.

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